Our Goal to Enrich at Little Acorns

As part of our mission, our second priority in environment is enrichment. We enrich the environment to promote learning through the guidance of our exclusive curriculum and our many extra programs. More specifically, we enrich the environment by organizing our classrooms into learning centers. Furthermore, we enrich each center each week by adding projects, items, and other learning opportunities that are of interest. Finally, we enrich through our extra programs that we provide. We know that a safe and friendly environment is crucial for learning and development.

Our Enrichment Programs

At Little Acorns we want to give every child the opportunity to learn and grow with many different experiences, with fun and new ways to enjoy every day. Therefore we offer a wide variety of programs developed for all age groups. At Little Acorns the children explore and discover through the following activities.
  • music
  • Spanish
  • dancercise
  • trips to the library
  • wide variety of field trips.

Our Classroom Organization

At Little Acorns the classrooms are organized into the following learning centers: dramatic play, art, library, block building, sensory, and manipulatives. The learning centers provide opportunities for learning in many different ways and with many different styles. The toys, furniture, and supplies in each classroom are also organized with pictures and word labels to provide a print rich environment to promote literacy.

Our Nurturing Schedules

At Little Acorns, we know that the teachers need to provide a delicate balance between control and freedom to promote the desired sense of security. That’s why at Little Acorns we aim to reach that perfect balance of structure and free choice. The general schedule that the teacher follows provides the structure and guidance that children need, while the flexibility of the schedule allows for child led ideas and initiatives. Each classroom at Little Acorns has a flexible schedule that is catered to the developmental needs of the children in that room.