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Nuturing Staff

As part of our mission, we believe that the interaction between a teacher and a child is an important, and an invaluable element to each child’s journey. We agree with the developmental theorist Mary Ainsworth that the type of attachment, or close emotional bond of affection, that develops between children and their caregivers has a significant impact on the rest of their lives. Therefore, at Little Acorns we train our caregivers to be sensitive to the cues that children give and to be responsive in a nurturing way that promotes a secure attachment.

Next to the children, the staff are the most important part of our childcare. It is vital to us that we employ only the kindest, most gentle people, whose first passion is children. Education, and a warm, loving personality are just two of the attributes necessary when being considered for any position at Little Acorns.

We pride ourselves in maintaining an educated, positive, and caring staff. We believe in treating our staff as peers, and attribute Little Acorns’ success to these qualified individuals.

Head teachers, assistant teachers, and teacher’s aides, all take part in developing and implementing a developmentally appropriate, non-biased, multi-cultural environment and curriculum. We realize the important value of each employee in the childcare.

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