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Our Curriculum 

Learning to be me..

Our “Learning to be me…” curriculum focuses on the children’s discovery of themselves. As part of our mission we believe that learning to be oneself and valuing oneself is a priceless lesson. We also believe that all children are unique and no two children learn this lesson in the same way. Therefore our monthly themes focus on all of the intricate nuances of children, such as their creativity, their imagination, and their curiosity, while continuing to emphasize each child’s individuality in those areas.

Our themes are merely possibilities as we follow the leading and interests of the children. We believe they are the experts in discovering themselves.

The themes are venues for furthering development. While the children may be engrossed in the land of Dinosaurs, we know that they are also gaining new vocabulary, discovering standards of measurement, classifying objects, and practicing social skills.

The content of themes are catered to developmental level. Infants, for instance, may not understand dinosaurs as part of their history, however, they may be interested in the sensorimotor experiences of reaching for a new squeaky dinosaur toy, cuddling soft cloth dinosaurs, feeding themselves dinosaur crackers, or discovering finger paint while painting dinosaurs.

Goals for Every Child: 

  • To Foster a Positive Identity Including Understanding Themselves, Their Community and Their World

  • To Foster a Sense of Social & Emotional Well-Being

  • To Encourage Language and Literacy

  • To Encourage Physical Development & Skills

  • To Encourage Creative Expression and Appreciation For the Arts

  • To Encourage Children to Think, Reason, Question, & Experiment






Outside Play

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